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 Join one of your high school clubs! 

Being a member of a club ehances your high school experience in many ways.  Choose to spend time with people who share a common interest or with a club that offers opportunities to explore something new and different. 

As an active member of a club you have the opportunity to become more involved in your local community, learn to work as a team and/or be involved in scholarship competitions related to your career interests. 

Join a club and make a difference in yourself and your school.

Courtney Castle won 2nd place at the 2017 TSA State Career Tech Conference for “Video Production”.  The requirement was to produce 2 public service commercials.  It was her first year in TSA and first time going to competition.  These links will take you to her clips.  She represented PCW well.

 Link to Biology I book

PCW  Secret Witness Hotline   787-1919

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