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Exemption Policy


High school students with no more than three (3) absences in any given class, and no more than three (3) tardies in any given class are eligible to be exempt from their semester exams. Students must have at least a “B” average in the class of exemption to be eligible.  Students who have been suspended or have missed one class due to truancy during the semester are not eligible for test exemptions.  This exemption/attendance incentive applies to ninth, tenth, eleventh grade and seniors.

The following absences do not count against the exemption:

School ACT (SACT) or (QACT)(OFF)

Career Tech (VOT)

Religious (REH)

Funeral (FUL) day of service only for immediate family

Pre-approved college visit (CVT)

All students who earn an exemption status may choose to take the exam without the risk of their average being lowered.

  • If you need to check out during the day of final exams, your parent must make that request by telephone prior to final exam dates, meaning they must call by the close of day on Tuesday, December 15. We need time to write and sort passes.
  • We will not honor calls to check out on final exam dates (December 17-18) because we will not have enough aides to deliver the possible number of passes, nor do we interrupt testing.  Students should have a book to read when they finish testing.
  • Check out passes will be put in teacher mailboxes on Wednesday, December 16.
  • Thursday, December  17, 2015
  • 1st – 8:00-9:37
  • 3rd – 9:42-11:16
  • 5th – A lunch 11:16-11:46, Class 11:51-1:31
  • B lunch 1:01-1:31, Class 11:21-1:01
  • 7th – 1:36-3:10
  • Classes having A or B lunch will be announced the week of finals.
  • Friday, December 18, 2015
  • 2nd – 8:00-9:37
  • 4th – 9:42-11:16
  • 6th – A lunch 11:16-11:46, Class 11:51-1:31
  • B lunch 1:01-1:31, Class 11:21-1:31
  • School is released early at 1:31. 



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