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PCHS Clubs & Organizations 2018-2019

Sponsor: Paul Duffy-Relf (rm. 225)

The Academic Team represents Putnam City High School at academic and scholastic competitions. The team competes in OSSAA sponsored contests, quiz bowls, invitational tournaments, Citizen Bee, and Knowledge Master. Membership on the Academic Team is open to all interested students in grades 9 to 12.


Air Force Junior ROTC
Sponsors: Lt Col (ret) Dane Christensen, MSgt (ret) Steven Fousek and                       MSgt (ret) Frank Mattair (rm. 164)

Air Force Junior ROTC is designed to acquaint 9-12th grade students (for up to 4 years total) with the historical development of flight, space exploration, cyberspace, some survival elements and the role of the military in US and world history. Leadership training will focus on citizenship, character development and Air Force traditions to include customs and courtesies, drill, and the wear of the Air Force uniform on specified days. A wellness program is also incorporated and can be substituted for PE credit in most circumstances. Students may travel throughout the city and/or state to compete in drill competitions and summer leadership camps. Many cadets will be a member of the Pirate “color guard” to present the US flag at many local, city, and state-level sporting events, parades, and veteran organizations activities. Field trips to local military installations and historical points of interest are highlights of the JROTC program.  First year cadets will receive a P.E. credit, second year cadets will receive a technology credit, and third year cadets can earn a financial literacy credit.


Sponsors: Elaine Bitting (rm. 140), Dawn LaFollette (rm. 158) and Vanessa Lango (rm. 146)

The Art Club is a social, cultural and service organization open to all students who are interested in learning more about the Arts. Students do not have to be enrolled in an art class in order to be a member and participate in club activities. Members visit numerous museums and galleries, participate in art festivals, host guest speakers, perform several service activities in the community, and sponsor several social functions during the year. Meets Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00pm (see Art teachers for schedule).


Sponsor: Beth Whipple (meets the last Tues of each month- library)

Any PCHS student is welcome to join the Book Club. We have a very diverse group of students who enjoy reading great books and talking about what they’ve read. We eat our lunch in the library while we talk, so we’re pretty informal. Book Club members also help with suggesting and selecting new titles for the library.


Sponsors: Melissa Lair (rm.122) & Chad Ellis (rm. 133)

This is for any student interested in entering the field of business. Leadership, community service, and business personal skills are developed. Interaction with business leaders and competition are also part of this organization.



Sponsors: Juan Gonzales (rm.224)

Chess club is open to all students in all grade levels. Students meet to participate in chess matches and to develop their skills and strategies in the game. Their mission is to promote chess as an educational and engaging activity at school among students. Meetings are Mondays during 2nd lunch and after school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:30.



Sponsors: Senior Class- Sara Ligon (rm. 159)
​ Junior Class- Cari Warfe (rm. 407)
Sophomore Class- Brandy Redus (rm. 230)
Freshman Class- Mike Hardesty (rm. 108)

All students are invited to participate in class activities. Officers for the sophomore, junior, and senior classes are elected in the spring for the following year. Officers must maintain a 2.5 grade point average and display exemplary behavior. There are also many committees for interested students who desire to help with class projects.

All students are expected to contribute to the activities of their class by paying dues during the junior and senior years. There are no dues for freshmen and sophomores. Students are expected to pay $10 during both their junior and senior years. Class dues are used for spirit activities, class field trips, guest speakers, special programs, the prom, senior breakfast, and a gift to the school from the graduating class.


Sponsor: Brandy Redus (rm. 128)

DECA members can begin their experience as early as the tenth grade by enrolling in a marketing, business management or entrepreneurship course. As part of a high school chapter, DECA members can take full advantage of DECA activities while preparing themselves to be college and career ready upon graduation. Members are empowered through experience to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building and project implementation.


Sponsor: Daniel Smith (rm. 135)

Drama and Debate Club is for students interested in the performing and communication arts. Whether you want to go to law school or tread the boards on the Great White Way, we’ll make sure you are prepared for the future. The club produces school plays and regularly attends speech and debate tournaments, which include events in competitive acting, oratory, and debate. Students who participate in the club are eligible to join the National Forensic League (NFL), the National Speech and Debate Association’s honor society. Students must accrue 25 points to become an NFL member. You must be enrolled in, or have previously completed a theatre and/or debate class at PCHS to join the club. See Mr. Smith in room 135 for more details.


Sponsor: Elaine Paparonis (rm. 149)

Fandom Zone brings together those who are interested in anime/manga, video games, comic book, TV shows, and movies. We will have discussions, play games, and get to know each other through these subjects.  Meetings are held every Friday in room 222.


Sponsor: Jonathan Prock (rm. 409)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student led organization that challenges coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ.  FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.


Sponsors: Kim Crownover (rm. 109) and Lacy Grotheer (rm. 110)

This club is to assist all students in becoming responsible citizens and leaders in families, communities, and workplaces. Community service and competition are a large part of this organization.


Sponsor: Holly Blunk (rm. 229)

A cultural, as well as social organization, the French Club complements the French classes. Membership is open to any student of PCHS and includes varied activities: Mardi Gras, dinners, bowling, and participation in school activities. Regular meeting is first and third Thursday of the month.



Sponsor: Jennifer Clark (rm. 207)

GSA is a student-led organization that is intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBT youth (or those who are perceived as such) and their heterosexual allies. The goal of GSA is to make their school community safe, facilitate activism on campus, and create a welcoming environment for LGBT students.


Sponsor: Burl Butler (rm. 241)

This is for any student interested in pursuing a health career. Opportunities are provided to explore a variety of health care situations. Students will also attend academic competitions.


Sponsors: Dawn Duffy-Relf (rm. 237) & Paul Duffy-Relf (rm. 225) Meets every other Thursday at 3:50pm in room 237 (Please Listen for Announcements)

Any student with interest in the Latin language and/or Roman culture can join Latin Club/JCL. This club offers an opportunity for everyone interested to be involved in the curricular and extra‑curricular activities that this subject allows. Highlights of this club include the Roman carnival, game night, pizza party, scavenger hunt, and OJCL convention.


 Sponsor: Yolanda Rojas (rm. 120A)

Open to all PCH students, the mission and vision of the Latino Club is to promote community involvement, academic support and Hispanic/Latino cultural pride among its members. Because of the increasing national Hispanic high school dropout rate, the Latino Club members will be encouraged to participate in Academic Field Trips, Leadership conferences and Community volunteerism. The highlight of the club is to go to the NCLR (National Council of la Raza) leadership conference that takes place one a year in the summer around the year. A $5 annual membership is the only requirement to join Latino Club.


MuSSA (Multicultural Student Services Association)

Sponsor: Ivelisse Lopez (rm. 230)

MuSSA is an organization that celebrates the diverse cultures of PCHS.  This diverse group of students empower themselves to participate in philanthropy and community service while promoting a positive image for youth leaders.


 Sponsors: Linda Evans (rm. 106) and Bill Pearsall (rm. 209)

Eligibility Requirements

The National Honor Society is a national organization sponsored by the Association of Secondary School Principals. Membership in the NHS is based on excellence in four areas: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The NHS constitution requires that candidates must have reached at least the sophomore year, have spent at least one semester at Putnam City High School, have at least satisfactory conduct marks in all subjects, and have a minimum 3.50 cumulative GPA, beginning with the ninth grade and including the grading period preceding initiation.

Active members of the NHS are required to maintain GPA and conduct requirements, earn the required number of service points, and maintain the character, leadership, and service ideals of the NHS. The PCHS chapter of the NHS holds both a fall and a spring initiation.


Sponsor: Cheryl Bowhay (rm. 404)

This organization is open to any student who is Native American or simply interested in the Native American culture. Students belonging to this organization pursue their interests in Native American history, culture, language, and traditions.


Sponsor: Benton Shriver (rm. 305)

Activities of the club include preparing and competing in Science Olympiad competitions, field trips, guest speakers, and hosting Science Saturday, an event to teach elementary school students about science.


 Sponsor: Morgan Schmidt (rm. 108)

The Putnam City High School Student Council is an organization that gives the student body a voice in the day to day operations of the school by involving students with decision making and provides a forum for student opinions.  Other objectives of Student Council include encouraging student involvement, coordination of student activities, and promoting the general welfare of the school.  Student Council officers are selected in the spring through elections and interviews.  All returning students who meet the qualifications may run for office.  Students selected as an officer will be in 4th period Student Council class.  Student Council Representatives are selected at the beginning of the year.  These positions, which are not a part of the class, are open to all grades and meet twice a month during lunch with the current Student Council officers to help publicize and coordinate school events.



Sponsor: Autumn Pamplin (rm. 148)

 Tabletop Club is for students who like modern board and card games like Munchkin, Splendor, and Azul to name a few. Meet and play games every Monday in room 127. Contact Ms. Paparonis in room 149 with questions.


Sponsor: Ron Kroeger (rm. 164)

The Technology Student Association was formed and is designed to develop the leadership and personal abilities of students as they relate to a developing technological world.



Sponsor: Taylor Mingledorff (rm. 127)

Young Life is about people.  It’s about exploring life and exploring God. Young Life brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of teens with an approach that is respectful of who kids are and hopeful about who they can be. This means hanging out with friends, laughing and walking this journey of life with others. When most people think Young Life they think of getting together with friends at “club.” It’s an hour of chaos — singing, laughing and learning. We have club every other Monday night and go to awesome weekend camps and summer camps. Young Life offers so much more, though. You’ll meet people who are actually interested in you and your life, and you’ll hear them talk about God in a way that you probably haven’t heard before. Just come as you are … and bring a friend. Follow us on Instagram @pcoyounglife.


Sponsor: Daniel Smith (rm. 135)

Youth and Government is sponsored by the Oklahoma YMCA. The purpose of Youth and Government is to provide students with an understanding and awareness of modern government and to provide students with an opportunity for participation in the legislative and judicial process. Youth and Government members will have the opportunity to debate and promote political issues with students from all over the state of Oklahoma.

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