Enrollment Office

Families wishing to enroll their children at Kirkland Elementary should visit the district enrollment office located at the Putnam City Center, 5604 N.W. 41st. The phone number for the enrollment office is (405) 491-7631. More information about enrollment, including hours of operation, can be found here.


Transfers from Other Districts

Kirkland Elementary is located just one block away from the intersection of N.W. Expressway and Independence, a vibrant area of the city with hospitals and many offices, restaurants and stores. If you work in that area and for your convenience would like your child to attend Kirkland Elementary – but you live in another school district – you may well be able to get a transfer for your child.


Oklahoma allows two kinds of transfers: open transfers or an emergency transfers. By state law, which type of transfer you seek depends on the time of year when you seek it.


Open transfers are requests for transfer filed between Jan. 1 and May 31. These transfers allow children to attend school in a different district during the next school year.


If you are seeking a transfer for your child between June 1 and December and Dec. 31, you’ll be seeking an emergency transfer.


For more information about transfers between school districts, call the State Department of Education at (405) 521-3333 or Putnam City’s enrollment office at (405) 491-7631.