Welcome to Cooper

Welcome to Kenneth Cooper Middle School.

Kenneth Cooper Middle School is proud to be one of over 200 schools and schools districts in the United States and Canada to be recognized as a Model Professional Learning Community at Work. Cooper’s recognition came from Solution Tree, a leading educational strategies company, for sustained success in raising student achievement. The school’s successful implementation of the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process was a major contributing factor in the improved achievement of its students.

There are three areas students are measured by: grades, behavior and attendance. In order for your child to be successful, they must:

  1. Be at school on time every day
  2. Follow the procedures set forth for the campus
  3. Complete their assignments

By completing these objectives our highly trained and experienced teachers, counselors and administrators can know how to best help your child reach their potential. Our staff is here to help your student be successful academically and to mature as young adults. Parents, please sign up for and monitor Parent Portal regularly in order to help your students be successful.

I look forward to helping you and your students grow as citizens and students this school year.


Jeff Brown


Cooper Middle School